Where Is it?

Splitting open the land in northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon’s vistas highlight the depth of nature.

It Is Grand

Formed by erosion from the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is 1 mile deep on average. It is 227 miles long and up to 18 miles wide. The national park is 1,900 square miles—larger than Rhode Island.

Pick a Side

Grand Canyon Village on the south rim of the canyon sits about 10 miles from Grand Canyon Lodge on the north rim. However, traveling between the two requires driving more than 200 miles around the canyon. The south rim receives the most visitors.

Unusual Habitat

Only eight fish species have been native to the Grand Canyon, six of which are found only in the Colorado River basin. Only one—the speckled dace—is still common in the park. The Colorado River has the lowest diversity of native fish of any river system in America.

Sun or Snow

The Grand Canyon often gets snow during the winter, offering a different perspective of the park. The driest months come in late spring and early summer.

More Information

For up-to-date info on park restrictions or guides, visit www.nps.gov/grca or call 928-638-7888.