Just in time for the holidays comes a tale of how a simple act of charity can snowball, especially when Ruralite readers get wind of things.

The story begins when Good Samaritan reader Linda Dixon and her friends decided to make dresses for girls in Africa using pillowcases. Just one snag: Where to find pillowcases?

Linda, who lives in Oregon, placed a Reader Exchange ad in September’s magazine, then quickly moved on to other things, forgetting about the ad until her son reminded her on the day the
first pillowcases arrived. 

Hundreds of pillowcases later—she says she’s never seen so many—Linda can only marvel at the response. Readers also sent fabric, lace, thread, bias tape and more.  

“We will continue sewing through winter to get them all made,” Linda says. “We make 30 every Wednesday at our sewing group. It’s become a community effort. I have ladies contacting me from other towns wanting to help with our sewing adventure. Ladies who can’t get out and about that want to sew at home.” 

Linda sends them the pattern and keeps in touch.

She can’t express her gratitude enough, though she has tried by sending a thank-you note to every person who donated. 

“It’s awesome how everyone has come together,” she says. “Thank you, Ruralite and friends!”