This was the playful title of the handwritten note from 11-year-old Adam: “Thanking You Makes Sense! ‘Cents’”

The grandson of Oregon reader Nancy Welfelt is a kid after our own heart. Adam, we love your pun and thoughtful thank-you note. Well done!

Both grandma and grandson were “AMAZED, Thankful, Appreciative” to readers who answered Nancy’s Reader Exchange request to help Adam with his penny collecting. Nancy got him started at age 10 with a couple of cans full, and the rest is history. 

Adam, who lives in Arizona, learned why Abraham Lincoln was first put on a penny in 1909—initiated by President Teddy Roosevelt to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth—and why 1943 pennies are gray. He was hungry to learn even more.

Grandma Nancy asked readers for facts or pennies to give Adam to feed his passion. The inspiring response—so typical of those who read these pages—included a “good luck” penny one reader’s father gave her 65 years ago, a collection from another reader begun decades earlier and unfinished collection folders.

Yes, Adam learned about pennies, but also about the thoughtfulness of readers.

Nancy, who wrote her own thank-you note in Reader Exchange, channeled her grandson with these closing words: “As Adam would say: ‘It only makes CENTS to thank you all.’”